6.3 Learn more

To learn more about working with data using tidyverse tools, one of the best sources is the book R for Data Science mentioned in an earlier “Learn more” section. This book is available for a very reasonable price in paperback as well as free online through bookdown.org. One of its coauthors (Hadley Wickham) is the creator of the tidyverse and many of its packages. It includes a full description of the “tidy data” format, as well as lots of instruction on using tidyverse tools to work with datasets to convert them to, or work with them once they’re in, this format.

The tidyverse is a very popular tool now for working with data in R. If you nose around the internet a bit, you should be able to find a lot of example blog posts using tidyverse tools. Try a Google search to find some examples in a topic area that interests you (e.g., your favorite sport, a research topic).

RStudio has several cheatsheets (see “Learn more” in the “Plot” section) related to creating and working with tidy data. These include cheatsheets for working with dates (with the lubridate package), factors (the forcats package), and strings (the stringr package). You can find them all here. As with plotting, you will learn a lot very quickly by working through the examples on those cheatsheets, and then keeping them handy as you try to apply R to explore your own data.