3.3 Learn more

The sf package is rapidly developing, and so it is worthwhile to seek out the latest help guides and tutorials to learn more about the system, particularly if you are doing this a while after the spring 2019 workshop.

The package authors have created a website with more on the package. They also have a book called Geocomputation with R, which is currently available online and will be available in print sometime in 2019.

Both these sources go in depth to describe the sf package and how to use it. If you want other examples of using the package, many people have recently written blog posts with examples of using it, so it’s worth googling something like “blog post map r sf”. Finally, some of the ggplot references listed in the “Plot” section’s “Learn More” include sections on mapping.

There’s an article on the tigris package, if you’d like to find out more about how to use that package to read in US Census spatial data.